The Druids

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We, the Druids, would like to take this opportunity to welcome you into our community. The Druids have many responsibilities, but our main goal is to ensure that students are able to take full advantage of, and enjoy, their time and interactions with theatre, both with the department and with student theatre.

Whether you are a new or returning student, we want to let you know that we are here for you.

Join us at our weekly meetings, held Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. at Pomona's Frank Dining Hall!

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Varve by Bob Lutz PO ’13

This week, Bottom Line Theatre presents Varve, written and directed by Bob Lutz PO ’13. Performances are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 8:00 p.m. (doors open at 7:50 p.m.).

Varve promotional image

Here is a brief synopsis:

Maxine is a fugitive ex-archaeologist with a penchant for burglary. When she takes up residence in an apartment, squatting in the home of a recently-dead swinger, she has to contend with both her inquisitive neighbors and the vexations of her own internal monologue.

Varve stars (in alphabetical order):

  • Lilly Carver ’16
  • Cole Clark ’16
  • Mary Kamitaki ’15
  • Oliver Shirley ’15

(More information at the Facebook event page.)

No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre

Director Allegra Breedlove SC ’15 brings us Sartre’s famed play, the source of the oft-quoted saying “Hell is other people”. Catch it Sunday, April 14th and Monday, April 15th at 8:00 p.m. in the Large Studio at Seaver Theatre. The play features actors Alex Cromidas, Chloe Villalobos, Neeka Salmasi, and Anna Marburger as characters in Sartre’s unique conception of the afterlife.

(More information at the Facebook event page.)

No Exit stage photo

Executive Committee Election Results

The 2013-2014 Executive Committee election has concluded, and our leadership for next semester will be handled by:

  • Eliza Pennell, General Manager“I live at the theatre and I’m the theatre liaison so even if I don’t have a natural knack for general managing, it will at least be pretty convenient for me, circumstantially speaking, so I think that it’s bound to go smoothly. I’d love to organize more events for BLT next year — things like readings, so people who can’t necessarily commit to a production can still infuse their lives with a bit of theatre, and I’mma get real excited about 24 Hour Play Festivals!”
  • Lauren Moon, Production Manager“Hey there, Bottom Line Theatre! My name is Lauren Moon, and I want to be your Production Manager for the 2013-2014 academic year. As Production Manager, I would reserve your spaces and determine/fulfill your wants and needs for your production (tell me your needs, baby). I promise to devote as much time and thought to you guys as you deserve, and would like nothing more than to keep track of your production’s dates, rights, and anything and everything else needed to make your theatrical masterpiece run as smoothly as possible.”
  • Alex Samuels, Business Manager (supported by Brendan Gillett for the fall semester)
    “I was business manager for this past year and we didn’t run out of money. Also, I’m the only person with experience in this position and a comprehensive knowledge of how budgeting works at the 5Cs, having been an ASPC senator this past year.”
  • Sydney Scott, Cruise Director
    Having been involved with BLT throughout freshman year, and having directed a show through the group second semester, I’m already familiar with some of the ins and outs of this group. I will be more than happy to coordinate publicity for BLT and its shows next year, and do whatever else it takes to keep the ship sailing smoothly.

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Start of Spring Update

Greetings Druids, Bottom Lines, and Theatres!

We’ve been having a lovely start of semester. Our auditions were a great success, and we’re nearly finished casting our shows for the Spring 2013 season. Our season calendar has been digitized and publicized, and we’re looking forward to seeing you at our meetings and performances!

First Spring Meeting 2013

First Spring Meeting 2013

Gruesome Playground Injuries: Nov. 30th & Dec. 1st


by Rajiv Joseph

“Over the course of 30 years, the lives of Kayleen and Doug intersect at the most bizarre intervals, leading the two childhood friends to compare scars and the physical calamities that keep drawing them together.”

Directed by Laura Steinroeder
Lighting Design by Giselly Rodriguez
Costume Design by Adina Wells
Stage Manager: Hannah Ruben
Featuring: Tori Gaines & John Maidman

Friday November 30th & Saturday December 1st @ 8:00pm
Allen Theatre, Pomona College, 300 E. Bonita Ave. Claremont, CA 91711.



The Laramie Project opens tomorrow!

Are you coming to The Laramie Project? It’s happening Saturday, November 10th and Sunday, November 11th at 7 p.m. in the Large Studio. It’s going to be great.

Don’t believe me? Just check out what The Student Life reviewer Mary Kamitaki had to say:

The Laramie Project provides a frank perspective on the nature and dangers of homophobia. This is not an unfamiliar issue to students at the Claremont Colleges. However, this production approaches it more effectively than an orientation-week discussion or panel of speakers. Go.

Performances are free, with seating on a first-come, first-served basis. Get there early if you want to be sure to get a seat!

For more information, see our Facebook event or the review in The Student Life!

The Mike and Morgan Show

Many thanks to everyone that came to see The Mike and Morgan Show! We had a great audience both nights, with more than 130 people packed into the theatre on Friday! (I’m sorry if we had to shut the door on you… it really was standing room only, and we were all out of room!)

Photo courtesy Ali Goss / The Student Life

Production Manager Brendan Gillett directs the production by moving the audience out of the stage area

If you enjoyed The Mike and Morgan Show, you shouldn’t miss the rest of our season!

by Paul Minx

directed by Brendan Gillett
November 1st through 3rd at 8 p.m.

by Moisés Kaufman & Tectonic Theatre Project

directed by Joseph Long
November 10th & 11th at 8 p.m.

by Rajiv Joseph

directed by Laura Steinroeder
November 29th to December 1st at 8 p.m.

Fall 2012 Audition Nights

Monday, September 10th and Tuesday, September 11th at 6:30 pm we will be hosting auditions for the three plays Bottom Line Theatre is producing this semester. No special preparation is necessary! Simply come to the Seaver Theatre complex at 6:30 pm, fill out an audition form, and read selections from the plays for the directors.

Auditions will be for The Mike and Morgan Show, Laramie Project, and Slippers on the Street. For more information, see the Facebook event and the Production Calendar. (Auditions for Gruesome Playground Injuries will be held Friday, September 14th at 6:30 in the same place. See the Facebook event for details.)

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Fall 2012 Production Calendar

Bottom Line Theatre is pleased to announce the full production calendar for the Fall 2012 season! Here are the highlights:

  • September 4th – 6pm – Audition Workshop
  • September 10th & 11th – 6:30-10pm – BLT Auditions (for all BLT shows at once!)
  • September 14th – 6:30-10pm – Auditions for Gruesome Playground Injuries, directed by Laura Steinroeder for her Senior Project in Directing and co-produced by BLT and the Department of Theatre and Dance
  • October 17th & 19th – 8pm – Performances of The Mike and Morgan Show by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, directed by Alex Genty-Waksberg (PO ’15)
  • November 1st-3rd – 8:30pm –  Performances of Slippers On The Street by Paul Minx, directed by Brendan Gillet (PO ’14)
  • November 10th and 11th – 8:00pm –  Performances of Laramie Project by Moisés Kaufman and the Tectonic Theatre Project, directed by Joseph Long (PO ’14)
  • November 29th-December 1st – 8pm – Performances of Gruesome Playground Injuries by Rajiv Joseph, directed by Laura Steinroeder (SCR ’13)
  • December 13th & 14th – 8pm – One Act Festival

For all the gory details, including open dress rehearsals, click through to read the rest of this post. All relevant events will also be on the calendar on our homepage.


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